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In June of 1996, while having some cement work done on my front yard in Anaheim California, I carved into the pavement, RJD Jun 1996.  I then called my son outside the house, showed him what I had carved into the pavement, and said: "Son this house will be your collage graduation present"! He was only 9 years old!

However, his mother and I continued  to experience difficulties, and in September of 1997 we decided that a divorce was our only solution. When I informed our  son of our decision to get a divorced, it nearly "Broke His Heart"!  I informed him that we would be selling  the house and moving into an apartment.  I informed him that we would be staying in the local area so that he could continue  to attend the same school that he attended.  You know: "With his Friends"!  He went off the cuff!    He promptly reminded me of a promise that I had made him just one year  before, ... when things were, ... "O.K."  with his mother and me!

Not knowing anything else to say, he took me by the hands and marched me outside to where  I had carved his initials, (RJD Jun 1996), into the pavement and pointed and said: "Daddy, what is your word worth"?   He knew that my "word", was extremely important to me and he had hoped that this would force his mother and me to  try and work things out. He did not know that it was already to Late for "US" as a family unit. But he Got to Me! 

After a few minutes of silence and some quarter size TEARS, ... I made him another promised.    I promised him that I would find a way to "SAVE" that house!  I told him that as for his mother and me,  well ... it's to late.  I negotiated with his mother and was able to buy her out of the house!  This left me in debt up to my ears.

After going through what I thought was an, “equitable divorce”, I was left “Flat-Broke”,  and in excess of $90,000 in Credit Card  DEBT.  The only thing that stood between me and, “Bankruptcy”  was a “Flat-Tire!”  I can remember walking pass an old "homeless lady" and saying to my self, "Lady  don't feel rained on ... you may be penny less but you are still better off than I am, … I am not only penny less but I am in the whole by $90,000!

I don't know if you ever had any credit card debt but I can tell you this:   Having $90,000 in credit card debt and paying only the minimum each month would mean that my son's grandkids would probably not be able to pay that debt off in their life times.

Things were tough for several years following the divorce and because I had so much credit card debt and was going further and further into debt as timed passed.  I can remember using credit cards to buy food for the table.   I continued to hope that something would happen, perhaps some major  financial breakthrough.  Nothing ever did.  Our financial situation continued to get worst.  It was doing this time that I called my son in, sat him down, looked him squarely in the eyes and informed him that the only way that I knew how to save that house was for us to rent the house out and ... start all over.

I asked him if he would stand by me and support any decisions that I MADE.  I promised him that I would find another way and that I would  save the house and that I, (we), would never be in such a sad financial situation again!  I informed him that he, (age 12), would have to go live with his mother, who was not far away while I position myself to "Make  Him Rich"!  I told him that it would be a challenge but I knew that it was very possible and I felt that I could do it. I informed him that I needed him to concentrate on the following:
#1.  Being the best kid that he could be
#2.  Being the best student that he could be
#3.  Have faith in me and what I through I needed to do to get to where we wanted to be

I informed him that I would be very close by.  He promised that he would up hold his part of the agreement and I promised him that I would up hold mine and that I would ... Make Him  RICH!

As a result of the “promises" that my son and I made to each other, and the insuring actions that I took, our lives have been changed in ways that neither of us could have ever imagined!   Because I had his support  I was able to set sails in search of New and Better ways of Creating and Maintaining Wealth.

My first move was to SELL an old 95 Buick Regal that I was making a $350 a month payment on, (at a loss I might add), and purchase an on 78 Caddy for basic transportation, (I have sense come to realize that you can't get rich unless you put yourself in the right  position to be rich).   My next move was to put our house up for rent, ... there was no other way for me to live in it and save it!  I then moved into a two bedroom apartment with two roommates.  At about that same time I landed  a "J-O-B", with the California Youth Authority, as a COP!   I had a J-O-B before but because I wanted to be close to him while he was growing up I was unable to find the best paying J-O-Bs.  Being close to him has always been very important to me.  

I Already Knew That The J-O-B Was Only A Means ...
I already knew that that "J-O-B", was only a means to an Immediate end and Definitely not an End in and of Itself!   I have always had a "J-O-B", and yet I have always been BROKE!  But I also knew that a "JOB" was necessary while I find the right vehicle in which to build our future around.  So I switched J-O-B's and Began My Search!

In the early stages of my search I came across a book written by Dan Kennedy, he mentioned something about reality that struck home like a ton of Bricks!

“Take  any hundred people at the start of their career and follow them for forty years until they reach retirement age and here is what you will find, (this is also consistent with the U. S. Sociality Security Administration and has been for over the last  65 years):  Only one will be wealthy .... four will be financially secure ..... five will still be working, not because they want to but because they had to, ..... thirty six will be dead .... and fifty-four will be dead broke - dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charities for a minimum standard of living.  T

hat is:   Five percent (5%) successful, ninety-five percent (95%) unsuccessful”.  Dan went on to say that:  "If  you don’t act NOW, today, your future will be terrible!"

"Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows, Results Shows" - Unknown

After reading this I knew that kennedy was  talking about me.  I knew that I had to make a change, IMMEDIATELY, if I wanted a better future for myself and my family.   I knew that if I kept on doing the same things that I had been doing, tomorrow would be just like today!  It was perfectly clear to me that I needed to make some changes, it was perfectly clear to me that I had to act ... "NOW"!   I began to intensify my search, it became a passion for me, in fact it almost became an obsession with me.  It was not long before I came across an advertisement in a local newspaper which read, “Creating Wealth in the New Millennium”!  This advertisement went on to say: 

We will teach you all you need to know about Creating Wealth and will show you how to get started, Immediately.   Well why not, I thought?  The seminar was FREE but I knew that they were going to try and sell me something ... so what!   What did I have to loose?  I was already $90,000 in Debt, and on the verge of BANK-RUPTCY! 

After attending that first seminar I began to feel that it was not to late for me but only if I was just willing to cast all my fears aside and take A-C-T-I-O-N.  It was at that moment that I remembered something that an old Army Colonel had once told me years before.  I was a young Captain at the time, he said: 

"Hey Dowdy, it's  O. K. to have butterflies in your stomach but you must learn to get them to fly in formation"!   Clearly, this was my time to make a decision and move forward!  

Well they did sell me something!   They sold me on the possibility that I could win at the financial game.  Over the next several months I attended every seminar that I could find that said anything about creating wealth in it’s introduction.  I also began reading everything that I could find on creating wealth.  I read Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, I read The Master Key To Riches by Napoleon  Hill, I read Ordinary People, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches, by Dan Kennedy, I read The New Entrepreneurs,  by Rene Reid Yarnell, I read Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams Of Income, and Multiple Streams Of Income, Second Edition, all three books by Robert G. Allen. I read every thing that I could find that had been written by Robert Keyosake, I read Dam near every thing that was available on Creating Wealth, I also attended over $50,000 worth of seminars on Creating Wealth! 

Fifty Thousand Dollars, ... it’s not important when you are already $90,000 in debt and about to declare BANKRUPTCY,  .... what does it matter if you add another $50,000 to it?  Man I love credit cards, they save my life!  But by now I had learned to U-S-E them and not let them U-S-E as had been the case for most of my life.

Anyway, after months and months of research and attending seminars, and taking tons and tons of notes and interviewing people who were successful, I started to notice a common denominator among them.  I was looking for their most common behavior ...,  the most repeatedly used vehicle to obtain their wealth ... as well as their personal input on every aspect of the economic world that I could obtain from them.

I also asked and obtained answers to the following question:  “If  you were so unfortunate and lost all your wealth, no matter what the reason, what would you do FIRST in an ATTEMPT to REGAIN  it?”

First let me just tell you this:  Many people are reluctant to answer such a question, let their cat out of the beg), however, after being reminded of what I had paid to attend that particular seminar and seeing my blood shot eyes, they all felt that it would probably be a good idea to answer my question! 

Second, there was something else that I began to notice.  They all seemed so positive!  I didn't know if it was because they were already successful or if it they were successful because of their attitudes.  What an interesting through!   That was in the FALL of 2001.


As a result of attending that first Seminar, and about six or seven others like it, and conducting hours and hours of research on the internet, one night about 2:00 AM I woke up in a cold sweat.  My my head felt like it was about to explode.

INFORMATION  ... INFORMATION ... INFORMATION ... and no idea on how to connect all this super-valuable information that all these super-successful gurus had provided me!

All a sudden I felt like an electric shock had struck inside my head...!!!  Oh My GOD!!   A nervous breakdown caused by over work - I thought!   But shortly after that experience I was fine, in fact I felt better than ever ... and all that information began making sense for the first time!

I jumped out of bed, fired up my computer and began to write.  I wrote for hours and hours without even stopping for a moment.  That night I was able, for the first time to understand much of the INFORMATION that I had learned from all those GURUs and ... to my surprise a bit MORE!

I came up with my plan for financial freedom.  This plan became my everyday passion. I kept it in an easy place to reach, I even put a copy in my car so that I could review it where ever and when ever I had a few moments to myself!

Shortly after that I began applying some of the ideas that I had written down and some of the of the techniques that I learned.  After a few weeks of doing the same things with some consistency, I started noticing a change in my thinking and my life.  It was not long before I realized that I had cracked the code, I had found what I believed would lead me to financial freedom.

DOWDYNSON'S SUCCESS FORMULA 66 - It was doing this time that I developed my first formula for success.  I  call it Dowdynson's Success Formula 66.  It reads as follows: 

For every 60 minutes that I work for any employer for 
any reason I would also work at least 6 minutes for
 myself and my family, so help me GOD!
This was my promise to me!

What it really means is that for every 60 minutes that I work for anyone in a wage earning capacity, (for which I receive a W-2 ), I would also work at least six minutes for myself and my family in an effort to build a better future.  This equated to about 4 hours  per week. 

This one habit is one of the most important financial habits that I had ever developed!  The reason why I call it Dowdynson's Success Formula 66 is because my son, (14 years old at that time), was a major factor in the process and he agreed to certain things that allowed me to do what I had to do!   He stuck to his part of the agreement.  It was somewhat like the Family Success Plan that Dr. Steven Covey talks about.  Dr. Covey also mentions something about this process in his ... "First Things First" and his "Things That Matters Most" writings!

"The  threads of habits are to thin to be noticed until
they are to strong to be broken" - Unknown

TODAY, I am “DEBT-FREE”,  except for some “GOOD DEBT” i.e., some real estate that we own and an RV that pays for itself and put some extra money into our BYOB!.  I should also add that my son's education was a major financial strain but we got him through Chapman University and all his bills was paid within two weeks of his graduation ceremony. 

Financial Freedom, What a Fantastic Feeling!

My life has changed like I never thought possible.  I have been able to give my family many, (almost all), of the things that I have always wanted to give them....  as his High School Graduation present (Today 4 May 2005), I told my son to get his passport and two identification cards ready because we are off to the Bahamas. About that same time I sent my daughter a huge, huge check to help her buy the land that she was to built her dream home on. 

Perhaps even more important than all that is the fact that I am now confident in myself and my knowledge and I am not afraid of the future anymore, neither for myself, my wife and soul mate, my son or daughter or anyone else who is willing to trust themselves enough to learn about what we are doing and and follow our lead.

Friends who knew me before began noticing my “economical change”, approached me with questions on how I did it.  I told them how and shared my system with them.  Since that time many have decided to join our team and are NOW on their way to financial freedom.

Not only have I found a proven vehicle to financial freedom, we have develop virtually an “Almost Fail Proof” system to insure success for all our team members.  And this same proven system, my new friends, is what I would like to share with you TODAY!


However, I would like to be the first to tell you that our system is not a get-rich-quick deal but if you are willing to apply our system and the techniques that we provide you with, you can expect to have fully changed your financial life in twelve months or less!    So, ... if you can stick to anything for twelve months (12) months or so, then lets begin ....

A SHORT STORY!   When I was growing up I spent a lot of time in Billiard Halls.  I was a "pool  player" and I was good at the game.  In fact I was probably the biggest money earner at Virginia State College during  the period 1966 through early 1971.  I purchased a new car while in collage as a result of my billiard skills. Considering  all my skills, it was not until about eight years after college that I really began to understand the game.  Why, I read a book on Billiards, written by Robert Byrne, called Standard Book of Pool and Billiards.

Byrne was not  considered a great billiard player, but he was most definitely a “Great Teacher”!   Another reason why  I have such great respect for teachers, (in fact I have a web site specifically for recruiting teachers, callingallteachers.com).   One of the first things that Robert Byrne said in his book that has always stayed with me was this:  “Before bending over, decide on what shot to shoot, where the object ball must be struck, and what speed and english are needed to make the cue ball do what you want it to do.  Don’t be vague.  Make specific decisions - otherwise the outcome of the shot will teach you nothing.  If you change your mind in any significant way after crouching, straighten up and start  over”.  As a pool shooter, this struck home!

So what am I saying here?  Just this:  If you want to become Wealthy you FIRST got to decide what BEING wealthy means to you in specific terms and dollar figures and you must also know exactly why it is important that you have  this money.  In other words what will you do with all this new found wealth.  You need to be clear on where you are going and why you must get there.   FOR ME:  It was and still is "MY FAMILY!"

The mind is a uniquely powerful organism.  Once you set a goal, like accumulating wealth or what ever, you will begin to notice those things around you that will aid you in obtaining that wealth. However, it is very important that you spend some time and get as clear as possible on what it is that you want ... "Where  attention goes, energy flows, results shows"!  Decide on what to do before bending over! 

Example:  Have you ever purchased a new car and through that you would be the only one in the neighborhood who would have a car like it only to realize, upon returning home that the guy just down the street has an exact copy of your car and has had it for several weeks.  This is because your mind had simple overlooked it until you purchased one.  That's the way it works.  You will attract to yourself that which you think about.  Sooooo ... be careful of what you think about.  

Dowdy's Axiom: 
Never spend anytime thinking about
what you don't want!

There is no doubt in my mind that after reading that book and applying his technique, my pool game improved by at least as much as 33% over night, perhaps more!   Decide on what you want!

That was many years ago and I don't know why I didn't see that deciding on what I wanted works every where else also.  But this was the same for me regarding money and wealth.  I was not able to get my ass in gear until my son put some pressure on me.  Remember the strong wake up call that I told you I got from my son earlier.  

Reminder:  Several years before my divorce from his mother I promised him that I was going to give him the house that we lived in as a collage graduation gift.  However, after our divorce and the discussions about selling the house my son aggressively reminded me of my promise to give him that house as a college graduation present.  Of course he was hoping that that would keep his mother and me from getting a divorce.  That did not work but it did stur up a fire in me.   At that moment I made a decision that I was going to do all that I could to save that house and give it to my son as a College Graduation Gift as I had promised.  I told his mother that I would agree to anything that she wanted.   All I wanted was the house and custody of our son.  Now that I look back I know that much of my success has been the result of the fact that I decided that I would do whatever it took to save that house. 

Decide on what you want and be as clear as
you possible can.  Write it DOWN!

My Son's mother agreed and we were able to work things out so that I got exactly what I has requested.  This agreement left me FLAT-BROKE and about $90,000 in credit card debt.  For the next few years or so things were tuff but my son and I, well ... we were getting stronger and stronger and in about July 2001 I began to make my move.  It was about that time that I realized that your frame of mind is far more important than I had ever realized before.  You absolutely must have some Faith that what you want is Possible for you to GET and … you must also be willing to take action.

Edison was once quoted as saying, “The reason why I was finally able to invent electricity was because I had eliminated everything that wouldn’t work”!   Why am I saying this?   Here is why:  You must learn to get up each time that you fall.  Like Edison, I decided that I was never going to stop trying, NEVER!  

There is an old Japanese Proverb that says something like:  Success is being knocked down seven times and getting up eight!  You can get knocked down seven times and still get up and win!  

You may recall what I said earlier about my first formula for success, Dowdynson's Success Formula 66.  It  states:  For every 60 minutes that I work for any employer I will work at least 6 minutes for myself and my family, so help me GOD! 

ONCE YOU JOIN OUR TEAM - I began conducting financial training seminars.  We also mail and/or email or call our out of town associates to make sure that they are kept up to speed!  At the very beginning  of my financial seminars I ask that all attendees sign an oath that states the following:  

I do swear and affirm that from this day forward that for each 60 minutes that I work for any employer I will also work at least 6 minutes for myself and my family, so help me ___________. 

To be honest with you, I believe that you should work about 8 to 10 hours each week for your self and your family.  Why not, you are willing to work 40 to 60 hours per week for your boss and his family!  Who is more important!

Most people fail in life because they don’t know what they want.  Edison knew exactly what he wanted, yet he failed many times, at least 1000 or more attempts, so I am told.  But what is Edison remembered for … Electricity, aka Success!  So I  say again, decide on what you want before anything else.  Sorry, but you need to write it down.  Why is this necessary you may ask ....... It’s really very simple ....!  If you have no idea where you are going, how will you know when you get there? 

How can you strive for something if you don’t know what it is that you are striving for?   For me my first GOAL was to save that house and give it to my son as a Collage Graduation Present.  I have since added some additional goals, but that house is still on tap for my son!  In fact it's now our office!  It where I conduct many of our business training seminar!  My son works with me and so does my daughter, she leads our East Coast Team!!

So, here is what I want you to do: Take several 3x5 cards and put them in your pocket or purse or some place where they are easy to reach.  For the next seven to ten days every time you think of something that you would like to have or of something that you would like to do, write it down on one of those 3x5 cards.

Let me give you a few ideas of some of the things that you might want:  a new home ... a second home ... a new or better car ... the  amount of money that you want to earn monthly or yearly ... how much money you want to save within the next one, three or five years ... where do you want to go for your dream vacation, etc.  Do this and you will have taken a big step toward your Financial Freedom.

Goals are powerful.  Several years ago I decided that I wanted a Mercedes Benz!  Why, hell I don't know, I just wanted one!  About 3 or 4 months after that my son's mother called me and said that she had purchased an E500 a year before but had decided that she wanted an S500 and asked me if I wanted her E500. She said that she would let me have it at the same price that the dealer had offered her for it.  She also said that I could pay her on a schedule that I could afford - what a deal!  Well, why not, it was the outcome of a goal that I had set!

Next I want you to do the following:

#1.  Make a list the top ... 21 things that you want and then identify the 5 to 7 things that you feel are the most important to you.

#2 - Write down the exact date when you would like to reach that particular goal, i.e. 31 Mar 2012 ... Whenever!

#3 - Estimate the amount of money it will take for you to accomplish your goal.

Following is an example which will help this process become clearer to you:

Lets say that you have decided that you want to earn $8,000 per month starting in eight months from now.   This may sound impossible to you now but play along with me, to tell you the truth it is quite possible but only ... if you  can believe it.  Write down this amount and date clearly ... and keep it in a place where you can see it every day as  a reminder of your goals. 

You have now finished step one toward reaching your Financial Freedom Goals.  I often  do this for myself.  Since the last time I did this my income has topped $13,000 per month ... and growing!   

Why in the "hell" did it take me "almost half of my life" to get my but in gear!  Did you get that?   We will see!  PS:  I used the above example because the 8,000 per month was my goal. 

My new goal is $25,000 per month!  But get this: 
In order for me to get there I must help about 20 other
people reach their $10,000  per month goal ….
I wonder who those 20 people will be!

Since early times it has been a human desire to obtain FINANCIAL  FREEDOM, although not to many people have been able to achieve it.  Remember what Dan Kennedy said!

Before  we get into the specifics of our “Almost Fail Proof” System for achieving Financial Freedom, let’s define what Financial Freedom is: 

Certain economists say that Financial Freedom is to have more money than needed to cover  our prime necessities.  In other words, enough to began planning our financial future with peace of mind.  For some  to feel they have Financial Freedom, means to have huge quantities of money.  For still others it’s just having  enough for certain needs.

WHAT IS FINANCIAL FREEDOM FOR ME?  Financial Freedom for ME is: 
The  ability to pay all my monthly BILLS for at least one year in advance even if I did not have an income during that year and  also TO be able to help some of the members of my family from time to time.  To be able to maintain my present standard of living during retirement.  No I am not there yet ... but not to worry ... we are on the move!

No matter  the case, ... to have money is the main goal.   At any rate, because of those seminars that I attended and what I learned from the speakers and some of the attendees, and the books that I have since read, and because I now know what works and how and why it works, I am teaching those who have join our team and they are now on their way to Financial Freedom.

After I began applying my new found knowledge it was about 10 days before I began seeing the results of my efforts!    Follow my lead and you can expect the same.

BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER I would like to remind  you of something I said earlier:
From a report publish by the U.S. Social Security Administration over 60 years ago,  which has been updated every ten years thereafter, confirms exactly what Dan Kennedy said earlier.  The most recent report  from the U.S. Social Security Administration stated that eighty-seven percent (87%) of all Americans, upon retirement, will  need financial assistance from friends, family or the Federal Government during retirement in order to survive!  Eight-percent  (8%) will be able to live comfortably within their own means.  Four percent (4%) will be able to live at the same standards  that they lived at prior to retirement.  One percent (1%) will be independently wealthy.

This was also reconfirmed in a very recent survey conducted by the Association of Retired Persons, AARP, which indicated that 30% of all baby boomers,  those born between (1945 and 1964), have said that they plan to continue work after retirement because of financial need.   Another survey also conducted by AARP stated that 28% of all adults in America between 25 and 64 have a collage degree.   Remember that quote from Dan Kennedy, Take any hundred people at the start of their career .....!   By the way,  Dan Kennedy is one of, if not the worlds leader in business consulting and writing copy.  He is truly a Genius at what  he does, just as much so as anyone that you know!

Anyway, during my attendance at all those seminars and my talks with all those money making gurus I learned that there are a number of extremely good ways of accumulating wealth.

However there are a few basic STEPS that you will have to go through that I will share with you here.  After I have  done that I will also share with you what I think are the best and FASTEST way(s) to accumulate wealth. In other words the  things that has and continues to work for me.  I will also tell you what I think is the absolute "Best and Fastest  Way to WEALTH" in North America and perhaps the WORLD today!


You must find the right financial vehicle that will help you get to your goals. You already have a "J-O-B", (Just Over Broke), position and have had one for almost all your life and yet you have not obtained FINANCIAL FREEDOM, so you must therefore conclude that a "J-O-B" is not the solution.  Your "J-O-B"  Must Always, Always be viewed as a means to an end and most definitely not  an end in and of itself!

In reality only a hand full of people have been able to gain Financial Freedom through their "J-O-B"!  These are the same people that Dan Kennedy and the Social Security Administration talked  about earlier.  Nope, a "J-O-B" is not the answer!  IF you look at the tax laws you will find that people  with J-O-B-s are the ones who are always paying more taxes.  Ask your accountant if you don't believe me.  But  be fore warned, your account may not always have your best interest in mind.

What about a collage degree?  Well, for many people that is the way to go, although anyone can tell you that having a college degree will not give you the Financial Freedom that you are seeking.  In fact this is the way that I decided to go ... over 35 years ago! 

More and more college graduates everyday find out that they must really be lucky to get a job where they can apply and get paid for all the knowledge and skills that they learned in college.  Let me repeat, a "J-O-B", must always be look upon as a means to an end, and by no means the end in itself!

A college degree is important.  According to an article in AARP The Magazine, July and August 2005, people with a collage degree earn about 20% more on their "JOB"  than does those without a collage degree.

DON”T GET ME WRONG!  Going to college is in in my opinion, very very important, in fact I feel that it’s very necessary; however, doing so will not secure your Financial Freedom!  You must still find a vehicle that can lead you to Financial Freedom.  Get that degree!  But realize that it is only to be your back up ... plan for survival. 

Becoming wealthy, well, ... there is more to be done!

NOTE:   As of this update 20 June 2024, is working with Autistic Kids as a behavior specialist.  He is also about half way through his Master's Degree.   I have been encouraging him all the way; however, I have also told him that I think that college is important primarily because of the social skills that he will learn.  I have also told him that it is not likely that he will learn the skills that he will need to obtain Financial Freedom.  Fortunately, he also works with me because he clearly understands this Plan B. thing that he has often heard me talk about.  He also knows exactly what saved our Financial Lives.  All he will need to learn to do is, "keep the ball rolling" and perhaps improve on it here and there just a little!

Keeping the above in mind, following are the only two things that has worked best for me and are therefore the two Vehicles that I chose for financial freedom.

How many wealthy people do you know who does not own a business) ... NONE!  This is still a part of the American dream for many people.  And make no mistake about it, even the tax laws have been written to encourage  business investment and entrepreneurship!  Three out of the four people in America who have became wealthy did so through  the ownership of their own business.

Having your own traditional business will give you a lot of positive things  like: freedom to act ..., being able too use your own creativity ..., confront daily challenges that will help you grow as  a person, etc.  However, having your own traditional business will give you a lot of headaches with things like employees, inventory, big investments, ... etc ... statistics show that about 95% of all traditional business fail within the first 3  years.

To start your own business you will need experience and a knowledge of what you will be doing. If you have  the energy and don’t mind all the daily challenges that is sure to come this will be a great option ... instead of going  for that “JOB:, where you will work like hell and almost never received the proper appreciation or adequate pay for  your efforts.

What vehicle did I chose: 

I love real estate!  I used several credit cards one time to buy a house. I have since sold that house but I walk away  with $150,000 in profits from that investment.  However, I lived on pins and needles for about ten months until I could  finally take full ownership of that house.  Would I do it again, absolutely!  But only because this time I have a much better idea of what I need to do!  You have heard it said that GOD takes care of FOOLS and BABIES!  Well I am living proof that He does!

I will always be somewhat involved in real estate and weather you like it or not,  so will you; however, it is not as easy as many SEMINAR sellers try to make it look!  Yet with the proper skills, it  does work and I am proof!

However, in all fairness to those who sell you seminar seats to learn real estate.   What they teach is in most cases, is good information; and I would recommend most to anyone who have ALREADY made the decision to succeed before you pay the $5,000 or so that many of the seminars cost you.  I know, I was one of these guys, ... but I also  know that my success was primarily because I had made a decision that I wanted financial freedom and I was willing to do whatever it took to earn it.  Do you remember that I told you that I spent over $50,000 attending seminars .... most of it was spent on attending real estate seminars.  Is real estate my choice for financial freedom ... NO!   And I suggest that you also find something else too!

Real Estate (was my first choice but I have come to realize that that was a mistake).  Don't get me wrong.  I have made a lot of money over the years … but I am absolutely sure that I would have made even more money if I had spend more of my FREE time working on my …

This could give you many of the advantages of owning your own business and also eliminate many of the risk that a traditional business offers.  You can find many successful franchises;  however, you can expect HUGE up front fees in order to become a franchisee. If you have $30,000 to as much as $800,000 this could be a fantastic vehicle to achieve Financial Freedom. This is definitely not my choice but if you have the extra cash,  perhaps it will work for you!

Personally, I have a thing about BUYING a “J-O-B” and no matter how you  look at it BUYING a franchise is JUST like BUYING a "J-O-B"!  Unless, of course it is something, that you really,  really, really love doing.   Flipping Big Mac's all day could make you rich, if you also own the business, I  am told, however, I am just not strong enough to make myself happy flipping hamburgers or watching someone else flip burgers  all day.  And ever with a successful Franchise, there are so many limitations.

Well I have tried this thing before, perhaps you have also, and I knew that it would not work for me, door-2 door, stacks of supplies in my garage, absolutely not for me!  However, considering what all the gurus were saying about this thing I through  I would at least check it out ...  AGAIN!

Here is what some are saying about NETWORK MARKETING - Robert G.  Allen, the author of Multiple Streams of Income, Second Addition, on page 195 called network marketing the Ultimate Money  Machine.  Robert G. Allen by the way is the worlds #1 author of financial and wealth building books.  Allen has  made millions of dollars selling books on buying and selling real estate!  He has also made millions on doing what he  teaches others to do, yet he feels that Network Marketing is the absolute best way of creating wealth!   He must  be crazy ... or is he?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of several New York Times best sellers to include Rich Dad Poor Dad, in his new book, Business School, For People Who Like Helping People, expands on his original eight “hidden values”  of a network marketing business. Kiyosaki says that not only is network marketing a great way to build wealth, but you should  also consider the other great hidden values of network marketing!  In fact in an exclusive interview Kiyosaki reveals  that his choice to retire young, retire rich is through ... Network Marketing.  Seems that everybody has gone MAD, or  have they?

EVEN THE President of the US Chamber of Commerce has step in to endorse Direct Sales / Network Marketing.   When I took a look at the list of gurus who were also involved within the network marketing industry, it almost made me sick!    Why, well it looked like I would be forced to try my hand at it again.

“Poverty is when large efforts produce small results.  Wealth is when small efforts produces large results.” - David George

"I’d rather have 1 percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts." - J. Paul Getty

Dr. Charles King from the University of Illinois in Chicago called network marketing, “the last bastion of our capitalist world to achieve financial independence with little investment ...”. Network Marketing is also known as “Multilevel”!

There are a great number of companies which are now involved in network marketing to help them achieve success. These companies have helped a lot of people to achieve financial freedom.  MOST of them will provide you with all the information and guidance that you need in order to achieve your success goals.  They are willing to give you all this help - and  much more - merely because the only way for them to be successful is by helping their associates and distributors become successful FIRST ... !!!

Being an OLD Army Colonel this network marketing thing has a special very appeal to me, YOU know,  “A good Captain will always sink with his ship”!  In other words, because this is not always what most people find when starting a new business - people with experience willing to share their knowledge and expertise with YOU, so YOU  can become successful ... !  Network Marketing has been haled by some as, “the people’s franchise”!

Well, by now you are probably thinking that this is also the VEHICLE that I chose, "for the second time",  to take me to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  You are CORRECT or should I say partly CORRECT.  I say partly because I still have some real estate investments and I plan on acquiring more, (however, my real estate seed money comes from my network marketing activities). And there is one other factor, ... Our system has several extremely powerful differences that is not available in anything that I have ever seen to date. 

Now I Thank GOD I was able to get pass my previously owned mental block(s, (and there were many), about direct sales and network marketing.  After my second and most critical look at the direct \ sales network marketing industry (and now that I fully understand is power), I have decided that I will Forever and Always,  be involved within the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry.  And I am hoping the same for my son and daughter.   More about the reason I choose direct sales and networking later.  For now lets return to our next step.

There are a few other things I want you to be watchful of:


PLEASE ..., PLEASE ..., PLEASE ... stay away from negative people.  You  know the type, they are the ones that only talk, think or act in negative ways.  These people will take you down to their  pitiful level with them.  Don't let anyone steal your dreams.  Negative people send out a negative energy that destroys creativity and it also makes you tired - Tired people never get rich!  Negative people are also great at stealing  DREAMS!  Never forget, DREAMS are the stuff that FORTUNES are made of!


DON'T BE A HUMAN LOBSTER!  The best way that I can insure that you clearly understand what I mean is to use the  following poem, written by Orison Swett Marden

A lobster, when left high and dry among the rocks has no instinct or energy enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him.  If it does not come, he remains where he is and dies ..., ALTHOUGH the slightest effort would enable him to reach the waves, which are perhaps within a few feet of him.

THE WORLD IS FULL OF HUMAN LOBSTERS:  People stranded on the rocks of indecision and procrastination, who, instead of putting forth their own energies, are waiting for some grand billow of good fortune to set them afloat!  JUST DON’T BE A LOBSTER!


If you decide to do something, take action, NOW, TODAY!  You know you want it with all your heart, YOU  MUST TAKE ACTION!  If you don’t nothing will happen. Once you get the "BALL ROLLING" it becomes difficult to stop it!  Be BOLD! BOLDNESS always carries with it it's own reward!  My wife once told me that it was my braveness that caught her attention before my kindness had a chance to speak!

My son was a basketball player is high school. I don’t know how many times he and his team mates has heard me yell out doing one of their games, “If you don’t shoot the ball it want go”!  Pull the trigger!  TAKE ACTION!

I am sorry to inform you but to do nothing is an action in and of itself; however, it will produce zero results.  In other words a non-decision is a decision.  This is just like a thought in your head, it cannot reside there without paying rent. Someone always  pays ... in this case it's YOU!  Do nothing and you may as well write a check to someone, anyone!  TAKE  ACTION!


All excuses are equal and they all produce equal results,  NOTHING!  Take a moment to look back in your life, about five years or more, what do you see?  What have you accomplished, (financially or otherwise), during those five years?  Are you NOW where you said that you wanted to be NOW?  Why NOT?   What did you do to get to where you are?  If you did not do anything you have no right to expect to be anywhere other than where you are. Consider yourself lucky!  Because of inflation alone your financial situation has had a set back!


You need to start saving, NOW, today!  You need  to began putting at least eight to fifteen percent of your income into some type of investment account.  I suggest an index fund. Right now is as good a time as any. Perhaps at usaa.com, fidelity.com or vanguard.com or one of the many good funds that are out there.   HA!  No excuses!


You need to continue to take action.  Take some time to learn more about residual income.  Attend local meeting at least once a week.  Adopt Dowdynson's Success Formula 66 and stick with it for a full twelve months.  If you do I personally  promise that your life, financially and otherwise, will have changed forever.  "Just Do It"!


YOU should make at least three contact every day!  While you are on your coffee break, at the water machine or while at lunch you should always be willing to let people know what it is that you do.  More about that later.  You need to make sure that of these three contacts you get the address and telephone  number of all three if possible and you will need to let them know that you will call them in a few days to get their thoughts about any information that you gave them.  This is important!


If you think that everyone that you talk to about your new business in going to act the first time that you talk to them, you are blowing smoke.  Yes, I signed on the dotted line the first time that I looked at the business that  I now work so passionately; however, over the last 8 years I have looked at about 198 other business opportunities.   Here is my point:  Once you make contact with someone, try and get someway to follow-up with them.  Most will appreciate it and those who get involve with you will thank you!  Most people need to be contacted about 3 to 7 times before that are able to make a decision.  But .... most people have not had the decision making training that I have had ... remember  ... "the Colonel"! 


As you may recall I told you earlier that I went to work as a correctional peace officer.  One of the things that still amazes me today is the kind of books that the guys are allowed to read or the kind of TV shows that they are allowed to watch.  Would you wear jeans and tennis shoes on a high level J-O-B interview!  Everybody knows that what you wear and who you spend most of your time with eventually becomes who you are.  Well, what you read has far more influence on what you become than what you wear!




Once you join our team you will receive an introduction packet, directly from the company that will provide you with a step-by-step formula for success.  Don't try and create your own formula.   Just do what is suggested in the manual.  Yes, I have added my own twist to the program and yes I am convinced that it will be of great value to you but, for starters, just do exactly what the manual suggests.  This is the tried and tested, and ... proven path to success.

BY NOW you are probably aware that the vehicle that I chose is Direct Sales (also  known as Network Marketing).  Following are a few of the reasons why I chose this area rather than any other area:


The main reasons that I chose network marketing "again", was because of the following, (not considering the fact that I had began to feel that I would be a fool not too):

Reason #1. - Start-up cost.  Remember I was a guy who was a "FLAT-TIRE" from bankruptcy!   To be able to start an International Network Marketing business for less than $100 sounds almost insane ... but it's true. 

Reason #2. - Network Marketing provides an awesome opportunity to develop NOW and RESIDUAL INCOME.  And "MOST" of the old requirements had NOW changed!  And if you learn nothing else be certain that you understand what residual income is.  Simple question:  After a long nights sleep are you richer when you wake up or are you poorer?   If you are richer, you are earning residual income.  Boy I love residual income!

Reason #3. - It provides me a chance to expand internationally. 

Reason #4. - And in many cases, it allows me to travel tax free throughout the USA, Canada and anywhere in the world that we operate in!  You must be sure that you and your tax consultant are on the same sheet of music but if it's done right, there are some fantastic TAX advantages in owning a direct  sales / network marketing business.

Reason #5. - It affords me all the Tax advantages of owning a traditional business but without all the headaches of employees, office space and overhead and I can work from home on my on schedule, (never go anywhere or get on an airplane without some of your business cards and promotional materials).

Reason #6. - As I said earlier, I am an Old Retired Army Colonel and I know that my success in the military was "ONLY"  because of the thousands of young men and women, from around the “FREE WORLD”, who worked with and for me, (that I work with and “FOR”)! 

In fact this is also a prime reason why I turned to network marketing ... I feel  so grateful to those young soldiers, sailors and airmen and women that I need to give back to society and Network Marketing is the perfect way to do it!   See my callingallveterans.net web site!

Reason #7. - I am a poor salesman and I needed a business that basically sells itself.  What I have found is that all I need to do with the company that I work with is to present/provide prospects with some product and service information either in print or on CD/DVD and potential customers will usually only look to you to answer a few questions that may have not been unclear to them. 

And when I don't have the answer(s) I turn to my up-line.  If you are wondering if your up-line will be willing to help ... you better believe it.  That's just one of the powers of direct sales and our business.  You will always be able to get all the help that you need.  When someone in your down-line makes a sale ... they get paid ... and so do you ... and so do I.  At any rate as I continued to mull over this concept until things FINALLY began to come CLEAR to me.  I call it my reason number 8.

Reason # 8. - Some of you may already know that I am fond of real estate and have made a lot of money from investing in real estate.  But it was not easy and unless you are a savvy investor, beware. And I wanted to get involve in something that both of my kids would embrace.  It worked, they are both working with me in our present business. 

ALSO, In the back of my mind I knew that I wanted to come up with something that would allow me the opportunity to work with others, especially the kinda people that I knew and loved in the military.  Network Marketing was the perfect vehicle for that.

Reason #9. - THE WAY CHRIST BUILT CHRISTIANITY - It occurred to me that CHRISTIANITY was build by JESUS CHRIST and his TWELVE disciples through the same PRINCIPLES as used in Direct Sales and NETWORK MARKETING.

NOW MILLIONS of DOLLARS are MADE each DAY, each MONTH and every YEAR throughout the UNITED STATES and the rest of the WORLD through the use of these same principles.  It worked for CHRIST.  And one of the things that I now clearly understand is this:  The more you give ... it really works.  Why not THIS!

CHRIST has always lead by example, perhaps through the system that he chose to build his organization, CHRISTIANITY, he was also teaching us to build our FUTURES (to live life more abundantly) .  Network Marketing is the same SYSTEM that Christ used, HOW can we fail?!

Network Marketing allows me to help myself by helping others to obtain what they want in life and I TRULY and HONESTLY love doing that!  I can teach "YOU" how to do the same thing!

In fact I believe that because of my sincere desires to help my family, my friends and others to obtain FINANCIAL FREEDOM, GOD has lead me in the direction of Direct sales / Network Marketing. 

If you are looking to get on the "FAST TRACK" to Financial Freedom and are willing to learn the basics and then be willing to spend about 8 to 10 hours per week working for yourself and your future, the sky is the limit ...!

No matter the case, weather you are looking just to earn some additional income or weather you are looking for FINANCIAL  FREEDOM, we are awaiting your call:

Please call me at:  VM:  1-800-844- 9639 x 4544!  You may also  call me DIRECT at: Ph: 1-866-GODOWDY - (1-866- God Only Will Deliver You) / (1-866-463-6939).  My email address is: aacwcd@yahoo.com.

HOWEVER, please understand that being successful in any endeavor requires a few special habits and some effort!   So before we part company there are a few other things that I want to pass on to you:

Surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and learn from them.  Began applying what they are doing so you can get where they are and beyond.  Why in the hell, OOPS, would anyone ever listen to someone talking about how tuff football is if he or she has never played the game, YET people do all the time.

FINALLY and the most important point of all!   You need to thank GOD for a that you have ... YOU also need to thank HIM for all the wealth and abundance that will soon be coming your way!!!

Simply this:  It does not matter weather you are a  Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Nurse, Cop School Teacher, or an "OLD" crusty Army Colonel like myself, if you are not "doing the right things," or should I say, if you continue to do what every body else is doing, you have a very good chance of ending up in the same boat that 87% to 95% of the population of the United States, (almost everybody else) will end up in, i.e.,  dead broke and needing financial assistance from friends, family and/or the Federal Government during retirement in order to survive.

Thank GOD I made the decision to NOT go out that way, and YOU have the same choices that I had. YOU must begin to do what everybody else is NOT DOING! The bottom line is simple, do what they do ... end up where they end up!  Remember what Robert Frost said in his:  The Road Less Traveled.

I HOPE that you have not been overwhelmed with all this!  Well, that’s not totally true.  The fact is, I hope it scares YOU, right OUT of your UNDERWEAR!  This is serious business, your FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a serious matter!  And if you don’t began to make changes to your sails, your ship is going to end up on the same side of  life as does 87% to 95% of all American’s.  No matter what you do you are going to be a statistic, why not choose to be  a wealthy statistic.  With what I am going to teach you, YOU CAN!

THERE’S A BETTER WAY!  And one that is well WITHIN your REACH!  And you don’t need to posses anymore than an average degree of intelligence.   You don’t have to be, “smart”.  If that were the case, I cannot even began to imagine where I would be in life!  Sure I was a Dam Good Soldier, but I have never been much good at anything else, and I was especially poor with managing money!   I worked for MONEY ... (JOB) for the first 35 years of my life, ... isn't it about time that money began working for me!  If you are wondering how I know if what I am telling you is true, it’s simple, I am living proof.   This has been my life, this is my story!   Even now I sometimes wonder how could I have been so far "OFF TRACK, for so long ... How Sad!?

If you can get your butters to fly in formation there is a very good chance that I can show you how to get on the "FAST TRACK" to financial freedom, i.e., however, you must first conquer your "FEAR MONSTER"!

Speaking of FEAR, make no mistake about it, FEAR is a “THIEF”!  It is THE thief of DREAMS!   Fear will STEAL your chances for Financial Freedom.

 “Do the thing that you fear”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson,  “and the death of fear is certain”! 

FEAR is your worst ENEMY!  Do the thing that you fear and you will WIN!  You must have FAITH!  You must understand FEAR!  FEAR is nothing more than this:

F - false, E- evidence, A - appearing, R - real!

LET ME TELL YOU ANOTHER SHORT STORY!  Several years ago I met the most beautiful young lady that I had ever met in my “WHOLE LIFE”!   Remember!  I am an old Army Colonel and I have traveled  the world more times than I care to remember!   I have more air miles than most people have auto miles!  So the magnitude of what I am saying when I say "the most beautiful" needs to be digested slowly!   It  was not long after meeting her that I had decided that she was “THE LADY”, that I had been looking for, “ALL  MY LIFE”!

WHAT WERE MY ODDS? Well lets see:  She was young and beautiful, I was middle aged and "FLAT BROKE"!  Correction - FLAT BROKE is when you have no money, I was not only "FLAT-BROKE",  but I also owed $90,000!

Yet I had decided that she was what I wanted.  Remember what I told my son and his basketball team mates, “If you don't shot the ball it want go”!  When I translated that it was exactly the same as saying, “If I don’t tell this young lady that I wanted her to be my wife she would never know”!

THE REST OF THE STORY!  That young lady is now my WIFE!  All I can say is "Thank God for  Boldness"!  Thank GOD I got pass my FEAR of being REJECTED and SHOT the BALL!   Remember what I said about BOLDNESS before! BOLDNESS .... has it's own reward!   HA! HA! ....

Well my Dear Friends, it's  time for me to place the ball back in your court!  But before I do I would just like to ask you the following:  

Would you like to add an extra stream of income to your life this year or are you looking to obtain financial freedom?  No matter the case, all you need to do is contact us!   My associates and I are ready and standing buy to help you go as far as you desire toward improving your financial situation, even to ... "Financial Freedom".

My associates and I are continually selecting people for a brand-new money making program. We have been helping people just like you add extra income into their lives while creating financial success for themselves and their families for quite some  time now ...


We would like to talk with you about a brand-new way of making money that has me more excited than anything I have ever seen.  Remember, I am a man who has moved from being “FLAT-BROKE” and in $90,000 worth of debt just a few years ago to now being well on my way to ... "Financial Freedom!  So, when I tell you about something that I feel is the best possible way of creating wealth, you should PROBABLY listen really, really CAREFULLY!

What I am writing about, Network Marketing, is SIMPLE, yet POWERFUL, and more IMPORTANT, it really WORKS! We’d like to show you how you can START earning STREAMS of extra INCOME almost IMMEDIATELY.

And the best part of about THIS is our SYSTEM:   YOU can be successful within our system with such a small initial investment to get started and one that requires no more  than 8 -10 hours per week, sometimes less!

However, if you desire to be financially free and are willing to learn the specifics of our "Almost Fail Proof", System and are willing to invest about 8-12 hours per week of effort, you can expect to obtain great financial success within one (1) year and even financial FREEDOM with in 3 to 5 years.   So come secure your POSITION with our team and decide what your goals are and we are off to the races!

No matter the case, weather you are looking just to earn some additional income or weather you are looking for FINANCIAL FREEDOM, we are awaiting your call:

Please call me at: 1-800-844-9639 x 4545 or Ext. 4544!  You may also call me DIRECT  at: Ph: 1-866-GODOWDY - (God Only Will Deliver You) - (1-866-463-6939). 

My email address is: godowdy@yahoo.com.

Don't let this opportunity pass by without finding out for yourself!  Call me at: 1-800-844-9639  x 4544!  You may also call me DIRECT at: Ph: 1-866-GODOWDY - (God Only Will Deliver You) - (1-866-463-6939).   My email address is: godowdy@yahoo.com.

Don't ever forget ...

Thanks for allowing me to spend this time with you, God Bless You and Your Family!

"the Colonel" CZ & RJD
Carlton Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)
1-866-463-6939 ~ Email:  godowdy@yahoo.com

PS:  How you deal with failure determines weather or not you will be successful in life.  You must apply these principles with passion and you will begin seeing changes in your life that you never through possible.  That's exactly what happened to me!

PPS:  Have you ever wondered why SOME people are successful and others are not?  The answer to this question and all others are seated heeded deep  with in you ....

REMEMBER!  Even if you "ONLY" wish to add some additional income into your life, my team of professionals and I will be here to help and coach you all the way!   We will  provide you with all the necessary training and support that you need.

The  bottom line is this:  If you are interested in building a STRONG second stream of income, that could possible replace  your first INCOME, and start you on your way to toward Financial FREEDOM, my ASSOCIATES and I are  WILLING to COACH you for FREE.

Don't let this opportunity pass by without finding out for yourself ... !!!  Please call me at: 1-800-844-9639  x 4545 or Ext. 4546!  You may also call me DIRECT at: Ph: 1-866-GODOWDY - (God Only Will Deliver You) -  (1-866-463-6939).  My email address is: godowdy@yahoo.com.

"Expenses will always rise in direct proportion to income." Parkinson's Law

"The entire essence of America is the hope to first make money -- then make money with money -- then make lots of money with lots of money."  -- Paul Erdman

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue-prints of your ultimate achievements." - Napolean Hill

"The American education system has failed us ... either by neglect or by design. Not only has it failed us by not providing us with the needed financial literacy skills but it has also failed us in the human relations skills department as well" -- Carlton Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)