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Wealth & Financial 

In 2001 after an fair and honorable divorce I found myself only a “Flat-Tire” from being bankrupt.   About the same time my son began talking about attending Chapman University, Orange California, and although I was hoping that he would pursue a university degree, I had also hoped that he would decide on a far less expensive university than Chapman University … BUT … he was stuck on Chapman University.   There was but one recourse for me.  I had to not only dig myself out of debt but I also had to find a way to fund his attending at Chapman University.  As of today, Jan 2017, the average annual cost of attending Chapman University is $65,000 per year, including books, supplies and room & board. And no, it did not include the new car that we felt he needed. 

Clearly, attending Chapman University was going to be a tall order for me.  I knew that I could depend on his mother to take care of her (50%) but my pride and my love for my son would not allow me to except anymore than 50%.  Bottom-line … I had to develop a plan and that plan had to work … and I only had three (3)  years to get there.  It was shortly after this that I developed what I now call Success Formula 66.  It reads as follows:  

For every 60 minutes that I worked for anyone else for a wage (where I received a W-2), I would also work at least 6 minutes for myself and my son.  That equates to about five (5) hours per week.  Randy's part of the formula was as follows:  He had to agree to be the best kid that he could be and the best student that he could be.  This allowed me to spend as much time as I could working on our financial futures.  

I can honestly tell you that decision was without a doubt one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  The results of that decision was even more dramatic … Not only was I able to get out of debt, (except for my house payments), but I was also able to pay my fifty-percent (50%), of his Chapman University tuition and fees, and get this:  His mother and I was also able to purchase a townhouse for him to live in that was a bicycle ride from Chapman University, (even though we had also purchased him a new Honda Accord).  He said that he wanted to ride his bicycle to school in order to help save money.  

How did I accomplish this major change in my financial status within such a short time … I developed and followed a plan!  And I can design a plan for you.  No, I cannot guarantee that the plan that I design for you will work as well as my plan did for me, But I can guarantee that if you will follow the plan that we design together, (you and I), it will change your financial life and you will began seeing results within months after it’s implementation!