Randy J. Dowdy

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Often times I have to call my son to tell him that he needs to take a break.  His response is always the same, "Dad I am just working our, SF66!"  SF66 is a formula that we developed to escape bankruption and the loss of our home!  This is in our openion the most powerful success formula on the planet!  
Following are two of the clearest examples of passion I have ever witnessed (a split passion that turned into two powerful money making careers): 



 Established during his 3rd yr @ Chapman U. In 2007! 



Mentally Conceived @ age 11!  Presently the most sort
after Behaviorist in the South Bay! Looking
to expand into the Long Beach area!

Randy J. Dowdy, MS, BCBA Candidate

310-951-9517 / Email:  randyjdowdy@gmail.com 


Randy's ability to focus on what he wants pales in comparison

to anyone I have ever meet, myself included! 

 - "the Colonel" aka Randy's Dad! 

ABC provides services to youth & adults who are living at home with their families (we have school-aged children we support as well). A Personal Support specialist will work in concert with the full team (family & county supports coordinators) to develop a person-centered plan to support each individual. Support include focusing on increasing the individual’s independence at home and in the community, including enhancing their involvement in community affairs, socialization and activities of daily living.

For those living on their own, BBC Personal Support staff provides additional assistance. Among the most popular services are assisting with personal financial skills and helping with personal health care like making appointments and communicating with doctors and insurance companies.  

Note: My son moved to San Diego shortly after he graduated from Chapman U., not to my liking, and began working with kids on the spectrum. He told me that he was sure that his first duty assignment was a setup for failure. He said it was as if he had thrown in a wolf pack! He said that he emerged as the Wolf Pack King about three months later! Of course, I laughed! He asked me why did I laugh! My response! Been There, Done That!  


Once my dad told me that he was proud of me! Well, dad, You being proud of me pales compared to how proud I am of my son, your grandson! Thanks for the time you spent teaching me! Your great-granddaughter, my granddaughter, is now being taught the same way! 


As for my daughter, your granddaughter and both of her daughters, your great-granddaughters, well, all three are world-class!