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Gentlemen!  Welcome 2 Asia …

Here you will fine some of the world’s most beautiful women on the planet … and many of them are waiting 2 meet you.  We conduct Female Escorted tours to the following locations:

                            ChinaKorea, JapanThailandVietnam & The Philippines

We have developed several nine (9) - eleven (11) day tours, (occasionally longer) which have been designed for the primary purpose of providing the maximum opportunities for you to meet and get to know some of those beautiful Asian Ladies ... who are just waiting to me you. 

Guys Would You Like To Meet Some of
The Most Beautiful Asian Ladies ... On The Planet!

But, before you get your hopes up be advised, there are some basic requirements that you must meet.  You are going to meet some beautiful Top-Notch women and it’s only fair that you are the best that we have to offer. Learn More! 

All of our tours will take you to some of
the most popular tour destinations available. 
We invite you to come join one (or more) of our scheduled Soul Mate Tours where you will meet some of our "Planet Queens" from throughout Asia.  
Because of the popularity of these tours we strongly suggest that you sign-up as early as possible for all desired tours). In the meantine we suggest that you make sure that your pasport in up to date.  
Scheduled of Tours:

ChinaKorea, JapanThailandVietnam & The Philippines

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