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Three years after my son and I developed our success formula we were "Debt Free" except for a few houses we own. 
Five years after we developed this formula, my son graduated from Chapman University
and two weeks later we sent his last payment to the University.   
SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE:  You must work at least one (1) hour for yourself and your family for every eight (8) hours you work for someone else .... following this simple formula changed our lives in ways that one can hardly imagine.  
Explained as follows: 
For every 60 minutes that I work for any employer for any reason, (where I receive a W-2), I will also work at least 6 minutes for myself and my family, so help me GOD!  What this really means is that for every 60 minutes I work for anyone in a wage earning capacity, (for which I receive a W-2), I would also work at least six minutes for myself and my family in an effort to build a better future. 
This one habit changed our finanical lives! Let me say this:  Without my son's help in the implementation of this formula, it would have never worked. What was his role ... to be a good kid and a good student.  He is now working on his BCBA, (PhD in Behavior and is expected to finish by Dec 2022).  Point being: You must get everyone in your immediate family onboard ... no exceptions!
This equates to about about five (5) hours per day.  Following is what I did during those five hours: 
#1. Start an exercise plan, (check with your doctor first), - A healthy body fuels the mind 
#2. Start doing things that forces you out of your comfort zone.
#3. Start reading and studing people who are successful in areas that you are that you feel can help you make money.  Some say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.  I say that's "Bull-Shit!"  I say if you can make the right kinda money, do it and learn to like it and later you will have all the time you need to do what you love!  You can't love until after you have eaten!  
#4. Don't get locked into something just because you studied it in College.  My major in college was industrail engineering and I was also a military science student! After graduation I went directly into the military.  I never spent a day working as a industrial engineer and my war fighting days have long been over ... get my meaning!  There are many other things you could be doing, have no fear ... jump and learn how to land on the way down.  And don't worry, the parachute will open ... if it don't yours worries will be over ... 
If you begin doing just some of the things identified above you will soon find your niche.  If not, call me! And once you do you are on your way to better health and finanical freedom!  
Dowdy's Axiom:  If you want to be successful in life you need to make sure your family, to the maximum extent possible, is on board with you.  You simply must try and maintain what Zig Zigler calls, "Your Home Court Advantage"!
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