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Please select your state of residence and see if one of our team members live near you.  Because this is a fairly new website, you may not find anyone listed.  In such cases you should contact us directly.  In many cases you could be the first listing for your state … That's a good thing!  We will be very happy to help!  

Remember:  We work with active and retired military and their spouses and non-military personnel, we understand that most people prefer working with people they have something in common with.  Therefore we have provided you with some background information on each of our team members.  You can easily decide on whom you wish to work with.  All are fully qualified to assist you.  However, you should keep in mind that the more different types of people you are willing to work with the faster your team will grow.   

States are in alphabetical order from left to right, (Some of our Team Members have expressed a willingness to provide support to prospects in all 50 States & Canada.  (AS&C) follows their initials!

Alabama (AL) <> Alaska (AK) <> Arizona (AZ) <> Arkansas (AR) 

California (CA) <> Colorado (CO) <> Connecticut (CT) <> Delaware (DE) 

Florida (FL) <> Georgia (GA) <> Hawaii (HI) <> Idaho (ID) <> Illinois (IL) 

Indiana (IN)<>Iowa (IA)<>Kansas (KS)<>Kentucky (KY)<> Louisiana (LA) 

Maine (ME) <> Maryland (MD) <> Massachusetts (MA) <> Michigan (MI) 

Minnesota (MNMississippi (MS) <> Missouri (MO) <> Montana (MT)

Nebraska (NE) <> Nevada (NV) <> New Hampshire (NH) <> New Jersey (NJ) 

 New Mexico (NM) <> New York (NY<> North Carolina (NC) 

 North Dakota (ND) <> Ohio (OH) <> Oklahoma (OK) <> Oregon (OR) 

Pennsylvania (PA) <> Rhode Island (RI) <> South Carolina (SC) 

South Dakota (SD) <> Tennessee (TN) <> Utah (UT) 

Vermont (VT) Virginia (VA) <> Washington (WA)

West Virginia (WV) <> Wisconsin (WI) 

Wyoming (WY) <> Washington DC


 All States & Canada

More ofter than not when we receive calls from states other than California we will pass those contacts on to one of team members listed in the state from which the contact came from.  However, when we do this you should be advised that we will closely monitor that refferal to make sure that the required assistanced is being provided.  We require that all prospects be contacted within 48 hours.