John & His Wife

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 of Anaheim Hills, Ca.
I met John H. in Whittier California.  I had stopped to have lunch at Mac D's on Whittier Blvd.  It was a busy day for Mac D.  I ordered my lunch and found a seat.

Shortly after I notice John H. was looking around for a seat.  I invited him to sit with me as there was one extra seat next to me.

We began talking (small talk).  John H. was a lawyer in Orange County.  I could tell by his demeanor that he was successful.  He was clearly a nice guy and I began to like him immediately.  I could also tell the feelings were mutual.

After lunch we exchanged business cards and we went our separate ways.

About three weeks later, John called me and asked if I was the guy that he had meet at Mac D's in Whittier about three weeks earlier.  I said yes, that was me.  John said, "I noticed on your business card that you buy houses and I have one that I would like to sell'!  I asked John where was the house located.  He said Lake Elsinore, Ca.  I informed John that I had a policy to not buy houses that were more than 50 miles away from where I lived because it would require to much highway time and it therefore would be to difficult to manage, especially if it required major repairs.  He informed me that his house does. 

John replied, "I really was hoping that you would take a look at it".  John was in the middle of a house remolding project at his residental property and needed some extra money to keep the project going.  I liked John so I agreed to take a look at it.  I told John that I was sure that I would not be interested in owning the house but I knew someone who worked that area and he may be interested in buying his house.  At the least I may be able to advise him on what he could do with his house.

John reluctantly told me that several other investors had already looked at the property and had … turned it down.  Well, I had already agreed to drive down and take a look at the property ... so I did. 

The house was clearly a "Junker" or maybe worst.  In fact I had never looked at a house in worst condition than this one, but … something caught my eye.  The land and the layout of the trees in the yard had a familiar appearance to it.  The lay out reminded me of the layout and the trees in the yard at the home that I grew up in … back in Virginia.  Except for the condition of the house, it was the picture of my old home place.  You may call me a sentimentalist … and you would be right, (not good for a real estate investor), but what the hell …

I took a close look at the house and called John.  I informed him that I would call him in a couple of days with the intent of making an offer on his house. John was surprise but elated.
I did a little research and then called John two days later and made an offer on his property.  After a couple hours of negotiations, we were able to work out an agreement. 
I had the documents prepared and the next day I presented them to John along with a check.  I was now the new owner of John house and he and Janice were able to move own with their lives.

Prior to departing John asked me what made me change my mine about owning his house.  I told john that it was not the house that sold me … it was the trees in the yard.  John laughed, and said I will likely never understand your business.

Well, if you are wondering, that was a great investment for me.  However, after analyzing that whole process I realized that the only reason why that property work out so well for both of us was because I really wanted to help John.  I really wanted to help John get out from under a really tuff situatiion. 
Somewhere I read that the only reason why birds fly was because … God intended them to fly.  Honorable intentions has always been my way of doing things.  - "the Colonel"!
PS:  About two months later I made John H a personal loan for $10,000.  This was the first time in my life that I had ever done that.  You can tell John made a powerful impression on me.  
PPS:  John H.  paid-off that loan exactly as promised!