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If You Love Traveling As Much As I Do, You Are In Luck! 


Aside from all the money you can make from owning an international business, there are some powerful tax benefits are available alwell.  In other words you can travel to any country that your business operates in (at present 25 different countries) and rapidly growing be eligible to write-off part or all of your expenses.  Be advised:  I am not a tax consultant and you should talk with your tax advisor but I am sure if you know what to ask him and do things properly he/she will tell you that you what I am telling is correct and legal.  


The proper procedures are as follows:


#1. Decide on where you are going and how long you want to stay


#2. Make sure that your company is licensed to operate in that particular country, (25) as of this writing.


#3. Arrange to meet with someone, anyone, in that country 18 or older to discuss your business opportunity on a specific date and time if possible.  


#4.  Meet with that person, offer them the opportunity to join your business, (there will be able do to so right from your lap top computer or their’s, (make sure you get their name, address and email address and also write down the date, time and location where you meet with them).  Generally speaking, you can stay in any country up to the time you are allowed by your Visa, but you will need to meet with someone at least every other day or so.  I would not advise you going more than two days without meet with someone to introduce your business to them.


It’s basically as simple as that.  Does it work!  I have been writing off trips to Virginia for many years. On one occasion, about eight years ago I passed out a number of books that talked about the benefits of the business that I was involved in and about not long ago several of those same people joined my business.  Slow, but never too late!  Talk with your tax attorney!


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